AtmaSphere DEMO version 1.1


We heard some of the feedback on the demo levels and other things. So now it should be fixed! Also added some post-processing things, to make the game even prettier than before!


  • The demo is now brighter!
  • Added Bloom
  • Crates on the levels now have higher mass and aren't as easily pushed around.
  • Fixed a bug on Demo 2 where you could fall off the platform and not re-spawn anymore
  • Demo 2 is now a bit longer level than before!
  • Tweaked the Depth-of-Field effect so it looks/works better 
  • Made some tweaks on the levels, some more noticeable, some less
  • Modified the font outline of the UI, it should now be easier to look at

    If there is anything that you'd like to see, anything that needs fixin' - I am always available on discord! :)


AtmaSphere DEMO 1.1.rar 331 MB
Nov 28, 2017

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